Prolix - Binary Chat Bot Sesquipedalian Chimerical Juju 
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    File Downloads
    For development win32 builds you can also try here: For the latest and greatest version, it is best to use cvs.

    v0.09.42 [win32]
    v0.06 [source] prolix-v0.06.tgz
    v0.05 [source] prolix-v0.05.tgz
    v0.03 [source] prolix-v0.03.tgz
    v0.02 [source] prolix-v0.02.tgz
    v0.01 [source] prolix-v0.01.tgz

    For the latest and greatest (and possibly very buggy) versions of the source tree you will need to use cvs.

    Anonymous CVS Access When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.
      cvs login
      cvs -z3 co prolix