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      There are 3 different types of modules in Prolix. control modules, display modules, and bot modules.

    control modules would typically be a main gui display, where you can add and delete bots, see general stats on your bots.

    display modules are for bringing up a channel menu with users and displaying the channel text. There are currently gui, text, and blank display modules.

    bot modules are the actual channel bots, these control how they react to user commands. If you are planning on writing your own "bot", then this is generally the area you are primairly concerned with.

    Module directory sample tree:

    class DB
      The DB class is responsible for holding all the configuration and user data in prolix. When you save a config file or a user database class DB is at work.

    The API for class DB is fairly simple:
      int DB::open( char *filename);
      int DB::save( char *filename);
      Vars *DB::newVar( char *type, char *name);
      Vars *DB::getVar( char *type, char *name);
      int DB::delVar( char *type, char *name);
    A typical save file would look like the following. You can see the types and the names from the DB class, and you can see the key and value for each item in the Vars.
      user Bob {
        access 20
        flags FOBAR
      user Frank {
        access 100
        lastmsg hi there bob!
        flags MFOBAR
      module dsbot {
        publicwelcome no
      hash W2BN {
        exe war2.exe
        dll battle.dll
    The design of this involes a few classes, but is fairly simple. Cute little psuedo-picture, classes in bold:
        class DB
          / \
       "bot"  "hash"---->VarList...
                          /      \
                     "Alice"     "Frank"---->Vars
                                           /      \
                                      "cdkey"    "passwd"---->"secret"
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