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    Make sure you subscribe to the prolix-devel mailing list. Even if you are not a developer, you can keep up with a lot of the changes here. This is an active discussion forum for programming bot modules, ports (Darwin, Win32, Unix, etc), and other various "standards" for the bot. Feel free to post messages to the list, however please do refrain from sending "tech support" questions (there is a forum for that) to the list.

    Go here to subscribe
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    How to Compile for Win32?
    Back in the good ol' days you could compile this from windows. I've long since given up on that now, because it's such a hastle. :)

  • 1) Use FreeBSD :)
  • 2) Install mingw32
  • 3) Download gtk related items for win32 and put them in the mingw include and lib directories.
  • 4) Compile using the ./ script.

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