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  • FF25 - Ping & Pong
    FF 25 08 00 EA 7F DB 02

    This is used to determine the player's latency. It may also be used as a keepalive (although this seems a bit silly since there is the 0x00FF packet.) This used-to be "spoofable" on to obtain 0 lag, however this has since been fixed. You will notice when your tcp connection is lagging or breaking up you will get a bunch of PING packets.

    BNETD tends to send these a little more often as it updates the lag bars in realtime. I would take a guess planned on doing this at one point, but it ended up eating up too much bandwidth.

    If a client receives a Ping & Pong packet, the exact same packet is returned.

    psuedo_struct {
      u16 pkt_type;         // 0x25ff
      u16 pkt_len;          // Always 0x0008.
      u32 ticks;            //