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    Project Is Terminated Posted by Eurijk! on 22 Dec 02
    Well, this project is pretty much dead now. Some of the goals of the project proved impossible in the windows world. Dynamic loading c++ modules seems impossible until Microsoft updates their load-time linking. Last check it still didn't exist in WinXP :(.

    Anyhow it's been fun. Some of the last prolix .exe's are on the site under the downloads.

    Be sure to check out some of the other projects like and


    What is Prolix?!
    Prolix is a binary chat bot framework for use on various gaming networks such as bnetd, mybnet, fsgs, and Prolix itself is not designed to be a "bot" per say, but is rather a framework for bots. Prolix allows you to "hot load" other bots as the program is running, thus allowing you greater flexibility, as well as the ability to upgrade bot modules without disconnecting.

    Prolix can ran on a variety of operating systems, mainly Linux, FreeBSD, and now Win32. Prolix should generally work on other unix variants such as Darwin(Mac OSX), and BSDI.

    Prolix comes in several forms, a gui(or gtk) version, a console version, or as a daemon.

    What is Prolix written in?
    Prolix is written in c++, and uses some of the more advanced c++ topics such as polymorphism, templates, exceptions, stl, and modular loading - so make sure you have a fairly recent compiler if you are trying to compile it.

    Is there a Windows version?
    Yes, look under the files section. It is still higly developmental and problematic, but is fairly functional now.

    Is Prolix the same as zDSBot3?
    No. Prolix is based on a lot of concept-work from zDSBot3, but is in fact completly different. Very little code from zDSBot3 was used in Prolix. Prolix is modular and threaded, where zDSBot3 was not.

    zDSBot3 home page.

    What does Prolix stand for?
    Prolix is our short name for Sesquipedalian Chimerical Juju. >;-)